The WTP Lexicon


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Council of Elders:
Following the King Rigats suicide in 2 ALD the people appointed a Council of Elders to govern the land. They would be chosen by the people every 15 years. For the next 500 years there was a peace throughout the land, and the people were able to move on and forget about the horrors of the Long Dark. That was until the inevitable happened, the Council became corrupted.

The trading capital of the human kingdom, and thus the richest city.

A member of the Council of Elders which ruled during ALD 500 - one of the corrupted council members. The corrupted council had made deals with Thoularc and most shockingly of all the Desert Kingdom; Tralons sworn enemy. Jeril was killed in the uprising when the people found out about the Councils betrayal.

A major trading guild that operates out of Elista and Kio. The Knollerg and Panosty Guilds are in fierce competition at the moment to be the top trading guild in the land.

The capital of the human kingdom and the center of power, but notably not the wealthiest human city.

Limnar Empire:
A vast and long since passed empire that comprised all the sentient races of Mytera.

The ruler of an empire that comprised all sentient beings in Mytera.

A group that caused the sun to never set for 20 years. They mysteriously disappeared at the same time as the sun finally set. They were around in the time before the Long Dark.

Long Dark:
A terrifying period in the history of Mytera where the sun never rose for 99 years. The undead took advantage of this and wrought destruction on the planet. They were eventually defeated by last ditch alliances and the sun rising.

The world of the WTP, created entirely by the WTP mod team.

A major trading guild that operates out of Kio. The Panosty and Knollerg Guilds are in fierce competition at the moment to be the top trading guild in the land.

A general during the Long Dark, he was credited with saving the humans from extinction. He was crowned king following the victory over the undead and it was he who proclaimed the new human kingdom of Tralon.

King Rigat in the years following the Long Dark would ruthlessly hunt down Those That are Not Spoken of. As time went by the hunt for these betrayers would begin to dominate the Kings waking hours as he slowly descended into madness. He terrorized the people as he became paranoid about being surrounded by betrayers. 100s of people were randomly executed. Riots sprung up across the land as the people chanted for the downfall of the King, fueling the Kings paranoia.

The current king of the human kingdom.

The current name of the human kingdom. It was created following the victory over the undead during the Long Dark.

A group of pirates and thieves which has made numerous secretive deals with organisations throughout history. Nobody has ever managed to destroy the Thoularc, scarcely anybody has ever survived an encounter with its members.

A vast forest surrounding Nilarc.