Well lack of help, engine limitations, lack of motivation, has doomed this project. Thanks for reading.

A long time in the making but a new world map is here. hope you enjoy!

Well it has been some time, wtp keeps rolling along but public posting and info has been rare. However, real soon (7 days?) there will be a new world map. this map is created entirely in 3d, so updating the graphics will be easy for future versions.

14 more ToEE maps added under community assets!

Check out the WTP kit descriptions in this thread

So far 9 Kits for the WTP have been finished, soon theyll enter testing/balancing. The kit names are: Zealot, Champion, Man at Arms, Master of Weapons, Dragon Knight, Seeker, Hunter, Lightbringer, and Protector. Cleric kits are next :).

More ToEE maps for all (under community assets)! Thanks to Hlid.

After sorting out all the bam images (getting rid of duplicates and finding some I forgot about) I am now at 425 bams so about another 100-200 more and they should be done, short of any quest specific items. Fort Unity is half way done a bit behind schedule but that might have been an unrealistic time frame. :) SK

The homepage has under gone some graphical changes. The map that you see just below has better defined borders and the View Large World Map has undergone some changes too. the northern parts have fall and winter colors and many of the buildings are colored.

The GUI/CHU for the inventory and description screens are finished still have to do the store and game screens. Area graphics has begone on Fort Unity (FU). My plan is to have a working area by the end of the year.

Work Has begone on the Chu for the inventory screens to accommodate the larger inventory icons and larger color description bams. SK

We now mirror Yovaneths DLTCEP Area Tutorial (under community assets): Here

Well today I completed the first 200 of the approximate 1000 bams I need to make. so it is a good mile stone. SK

Domi has penned a general overview of halfling/gnome histroy. You can read it here or by clicking on the halfing region on the map below.

Another of my NPCs - Marco - now has their details up on the webpage. Also Lila has her starting items and their bams on her webpage.

And the latest edition to the WTP website is a Lexicon! It will be slowly populated with more and more information over time so be sure to check it out everyone once and a while. Ill probably post here whenever theres been a major update. Hey whats this? An NPCs details!

Domi has decided to write something of developers diary for working on a TC, in the hopes of ultimately creating a tutorial for TC building. You can read it here. Today I wrote the back story for another of my NPCs; Marco - a human male fighter.

dragon_lord (the Web Lord) here again; a lot of hard work has gone into making this website one of the best mod sites around. What do you guys think of it/can you think of anything you would like to see on the site? Drop me a line with your feedback.

Busting it Up a Notch
Today I (dragon_lord) started penning the history of one of the WTPs NPCs - Lila- a human female druid. Details will be available soon.

Some great news today Domi has decided to join up with us. She will be doing some (I am sure) fantastic writing and some coding, we might even see what she is capable of in the graphics Dept.

Our first developer's kit is currently under construction.

The goal of the World Transition Project is to create a whole new world for BG2 players to experience.I hope to get others involved over time. This mod will consist of different pieces contributed by different people which will all be integrated into one megamod. Go to the forums for more information.