Realm; Human Realm

Population; Humans

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Preamble: The human lands along with all the other races were a part of an empire that stretched across Mytera. The empire was ruled by Limnar and all the regions that it enclosed were held together as one by alliances that were strong enough to overcome racial tensions. During the war with the undead many alliances did not last, as some races that where out the side the area of light cast by the Lightbringers turned on others to escape the hordes of undead. What remained of the alliances would be put to the test when after 20 years the sun finally set and the Long Dark began. And the real assault by the Undead started. Some races stood as one for a time against the undead but many had to return to protect their own lands. All races regardless suffered as the Undead were unstoppable in the never ending darkness.

Nearing the end of the Long Dark all hope had been lost in the land of man. For the undead and Those That are Not Spoken of [read traitors/people who have joined that side of the undead] had spread across the entire world of Mytera. Few places remained free from their terrible destruction, one such place was the last human city; Kio.

In the 99th year of the Long Dark an army of the Dead was closing in on the meager forces that remained of the once noble armies of man. The army had been retreating from a heavy loss at Harra Pass when it arrived at the gates of the last human city, exhausted and broken. The people of the city watched as the wounded and tired soldiers trickled into the city, realizing that the end of their world was at hand. However one man had not given up, he had fought and sacrificed too much to only loose in the end. That man was General Rigat one of the last people alive able to stop the horde of the dead. He would have only days to prepare for the oncoming undead. The soldiers and the people of the city wallowed in despair as General Rigat planned the defense of the city. He would never surrender to the undead forces. As the general tirelessly worked at fortifying the city it sparked a sliver of hope in the soldiers and people of the city that maybe he would be their salvation.

The seemingly never ending dark continued to prevail across the land as the first soldiers of death appeared at the top of Salvation Hill at the front of the city. As people began to panic the general appeared in the centre of the city, ready to lead the people to victory or victory. There could be no other outcome. His speech to the people would provide them with the strength to face death.

The first wave of the undead poured towards the city, but they would not make it within 20 meters of the city's walls before being cut down by an unimaginable hail of arrows. But the hordes of the undead cared not, for they were but a few among thousands. As more and more undead came streaming over Salvation Hill the undead began firing their catapults at the city walls. The fate of man depended on the walls holding. The hordes of the undead were now at the base of the city's walls attempting to place ladders against them. They had to be stopped at all costs; fortunately the general already had a plan to do so.

The city had several secret exits on its sides. 500 hundred men rushed out of them flanking the undead as they bunched up against the city's walls. The undead at those walls would be slaughtered by hails of arrows and the swords of the general’s now veteran soldiers. But the undead still continued to pour over the hill, and now the Death Knights mounted on their steeds of jet black began their charge. The general quickly ordered his soldiers back inside the castle, wishing that his massacred cavalry were still alive. The soldiers knew that if the walls of the city broke they would not stand a chance against the Death Knights. As they watched them charge down the hill towards the city they heard a sound that shattered the heart of every man. It was the sound of a wall collapsing after a direct hit from a catapult. It all seemed over. But as the Death Knights drew closer to the city an event that lives in the memory of all the people of Mytera occurred. It was the Rising of the Sun. Yellow beams of light began stretching out across the land, stopping the charge of the Death Knights. Seizing the moment the general ordered all his troops to charge at the undead, gambling that they would flee now that the Sun had returned. It paid off. As the soldiers of Kio started engaging the undead, the sun reached high enough in the sky to bathe the entire land in warm sun light. The undead shrieked in terror and began retreating back to the shadows. Humanity and the people of Mytera were saved.

0 ALD (After Long Dark)
On the first new day in 100 years the people of Mytera celebrated their victory over the undead. The people of Kio rejoiced as they anointed their new king; General Rigat who had saved them from destruction. There was much work to be done for this new king, the lands that man once held lay in ruin. Their once grand and bustling cities lay silent and decaying. But the new kingdom of Tralon (founded following the victory over the undead) brought with it hope and a new beginning for the people that was sorely needed.

As the people returned to their home towns and cities to try and rebuild their lives they discovered that the alliances between their people and the other races of Mytera that existed before the Long Dark were not as they once were. When the remnants of each of the races of Mytera expanded back out in the lands they once held conflicts flared as the different races claimed ownership over the same land. This situation was not helped by the fact that many races had once fought under the one banner as part of the Limnar Empire but some had to withdraw to protect their own lands. Many saw this as a betrayal. But this betrayal was nothing compared to Those That are Not Spoken of, who joined with the Undead. It is lost to history who exactly these people were, such was their betrayal that all mention of their names was forbidden. However it is commonly thought that it was the Dark Elves that joined with the Undead and that is why they were forced underground. The real truth may never be known.

1 - 2 ALD
What is known is that King Rigat in the years following the Long Dark would ruthlessly hunt down Those That are Not Spoken of. As time went by the hunt for these betrayers would begin to dominate the King’s waking hours as he slowly descended into madness. He terrorized the people as he became paranoid about being surrounded by betrayers. 100s of people were randomly executed. Riots sprung up across the land as the people chanted for the downfall of the King, fueling the King’s paranoia.

When the rioters reached Kio (now the capital) the situation reached boiling point; the King ordered his army to kill all of the rioters. The army commanders refused and the King swung into a blind rage. The rioters stormed the King’s keep and searched for the King, now seeking his head. As the King’s royal guards held the rioters at bay the King committed suicide. He pulled out as his long sword that had cut down many evils of the world; it had one last evil to slay for its master, and drove it through his chest. When the rioters found the King he was laying on his side in a pool of blood. The war against the Undead had taken its last victim, for it was the years spent fighting the Undead that had pushed a once great man over the edge into insanity.

Following the King’s suicide the people appointed a Council of Elders to govern the land. They would be chosen by the people every 15 years. For the next 500 years there was a peace throughout the land, and the people were able to move on and forget about the horrors of the Long Dark. That was until the inevitable happened, the Council became corrupted.

500 ALD
500 years after the Long Dark the 7 members of the council had become corrupted by power and the desire for wealth, things that have corrupted the hearts of men since the beginning of time. The 7 members; Jeril, Utor, Bearanan, Leeto, Werik, Brela, and Gablan all had deals with both evil organizations such as Thoularc [Thieves/pirates] and most shockingly of all the Desert Kingdom; Tralon’s sworn enemy (Tralon being the name of the Human Kingdom). This betrayal of the people finally broke when a council worker overheard a secret meeting between council members Jeril and Leeto discussing how they were going to smuggle the Kingdom’s defense plans to the Desert Kingdom without being caught. When news of this reached the people there was an instant rebellion, the worst crime imaginable is the betrayal of ones kingdom to the enemy. Council members Jeril, Bearanan,Werik and Brela were all killed by mobs but Utor, Leeto and Gablan disappeared and were never seen again. Many suspect they fled to the Desert Kingdom.

With the council gone there was a power vacuum and chaos spread across the land as law and order fell apart. During this chaos two generals rose up to take control, General Ila leading the armies of the South and General Sovar leading the armies of the North. Both men raced from their garrison cities towards the Capital; Kio. General Ila reached the Capital first and proclaimed himself King of Tralon. General Sovar would not accept this and so a bloody civil war began that would last for 20 years.

501 ALD
The first battle of the civil war was General Sovar’s assault on Kio. It began eerily similarly to that of the Undead’s attack on the city during the Long Dark. With the first site of the enemy appearing atop Salvation Hill. However this time the attack was a surprise, and caught General Ila off guard. He scrambled his troops to defend the cities walls but by the time they were in position General Sovar’s troops he already reached the base of the cities walls. A desperate battle ensued as General Sovar’s troops scrambled up the walls and General Ila’s troops barely holding on. But the damage was done, General Sovar’s men over ran the walls and General Ila was forced to retreat from the city. Taking advantage of this retreat General Sovar chased after General Ila’s army and hounded it with his cavalry. General Sovar didn’t let up until General Ila’s army reached the city of Tami. There General Ila had but days before General Sovar would begin his assault. Realizing this General Ila retreated further south to the city of Elista giving him time to prepare.

521 ALD
For the next 20 years many men would die in the fields between Elista and Tami, with both cities changing hands only to be retaken. The war only ended when both sides, tired of battle, signed a treaty dividing the Kingdom of Tralon into two new kingdoms; the Southern Kingdom of Rarbam (with Elista as its capital) and the Northern Kingdom of Gelen (with Kio as its capital).

721 ALD
For the next 200 years there was an uneasy peace between the two kingdoms. Until once more war broke out between the two Kingdoms, however this war was caused by manipulation from the Desert Kingdom. Saboteurs and spies had infiltrated both the courts of the two kingdoms, spreading paranoia that Rarbam or Gelen were preparing to invade. The war only lasted one year before both kingdoms realized the deception, but by this time it was too late.

721 - 726 ALD
The Desert Kingdom had been planning to get both the kingdoms to fight so that they would be able to launch a surprise attack on the human lands, invading Gelen first. Their attack was a complete success, within three weeks they had managed to make it all the way to the city of Julac – only a few days travel from Kio. On their own both Rarbam and Gelen would fall to the Desert Kingdom’s armies, only fighting together under the one banner would they be able to repel The Desert Kingdom. On the fifth week of the First Desert War (as it would later be called) both the armies of Rarbam and Gelen linked up on the fields in front of Julac. Both were determined to destroy these invaders who had attacked their land. It would be a bloody fight that would last 5 years before the last soldier of the Desert Kingdom had been killed or had fled back to his homeland.

826 ALD
After the First Desert War the people of both Rarbam and Gelen realized how strong they were when united and many longed for the return of single united kingdom; the return of Tralon. It would not be so for 100 years, during which the kingdoms of Rarbam and Gelen become friends and a peace lasted between them. Tralon would at last be reborn following the death of King Pergan. King Pergan had ruled the Kingdom of Rarbam for 50 years but had not sired any offspring, leaving the Kingdom with no line of succession. Such an event can cause a civil war with rival relatives claiming the right of succession. Indeed it nearly did with two separate princes claiming the right to be king, both with the power to start a civil war. Upon hearing this King Wilkan of the Gelen Kingdom traveled to Elista, the capital of Rarbam. There he offered the people of Rarbam a deal that would avoid a civil war; to do away with the two separate kingdoms of Gelen and Rarbam and see the return of one united kingdom, Tralon. Amazingly the people accepted and the kingdom of Tralon was reborn. It was a bloodless coup, something that will probably never be seen again given humanities violent past.

826 - 1707ALD
For the next 881 years the kingdom of Tralon grew and prospered. Many kings both great and weak saw the Kingdom through a peaceful time where its people were happy and able to live their lives in peace. This long period of peace was shattered with the Second Desert War some 293 years ago.

1707 - 2000 ALD (the present)
The Second Desert War began with the invasion at Hibla by the Desert Kingdom. The attack come without warning, however it was not to be unexpected as the Desert Kingdom has always wanted the rich gold fields near Julac. Hibla being the perfect place to stage an attack on Julac, with only one weeks travel separating the two. The Second Desert War would last 15 years with neither side able to gain any ground. However no peace treaty has ever been signed, an unofficial truce somewhat ended the war with both sides exhausted from 15 years of constant fighting. Hibla remains in the Desert Kingdom’s hands even to this very day, no campaign since the war started 293 years ago has ever managed to break the Desert Kingdom’s grasp on it. Every now and then a new campaign is started to try and get Hibla back, often when a new King is crowned and wants to prove himself to the people. Why there is even a call for soldiers right now by King Troe for the next campaign to get Hibla back.
Status; In Progress

Developer(s); Dragon_Lord