Realm: Dwarves

Population: Dwarves

Background 1500 BLD
The dwarven race had now appeared upon the face of Mytera. They were shortly greeted with open arms by the elven race and soon a friendship was formed. With the aid of the elves the dwarves claimed a piece of this world as their own and soon built settlements to live there and shortly after created a effective trading route with the elves to trade goods and supplies. It was not long until the Dwarves noticed minerals that lay underground and where dazzled by its beauty, metals that where woven through the walls as if it where some part of great tapestry of the earth, gems that glittered and created rays of brilliance from the sunlight. The Dwarves craved for this perfection and wished more, so slowly over time the Dwarves contacted the Elves less and less until only those with the trading caravans spoke with the Elves.

1258 BLD
The Dwarves soon began to prosper and built great halls from the stone that was mined from the ground. The Dwarves looked out from their own boarders and saw that a new race had come upon the world without them noticing. These were the Humans and they wished to learn more of them and so sent they a Dwarf to trade with them but unknown to the Humans this was a member of the Stonesmelter clan. This dwarf looked at the way the Humans made their walls and protected their city and saw that the humans wouldn’t be a threat.

1000 BLD
The mines that were inside Fort Unity had finally run out of their precious metals and gems, what had caused the Dwarves to begin mining had now disappeared so with heavy hearts those Dwarves still living there moved to the Dwarven kingdom and left Fort Unity abandoned.

800 BLD
Halflings and Gnomes arrived to Mytera but this time the Dwarves were alert to this, once more they sent out a dwarf of the Stonesmelter family to see if they would be hostile or not. They soon found the Halflings too optimistic for their liking but found the Gnomes much more agreeable. With the help of a Gnome, a member of the Earthbeard family created 'Tegnok's Triangle', which would soon be a well used trading route between Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. The Elves had no need of goods from the other races as the forest provided what they needed and the Gnomes dealt with the supply of goods for both them and the Halflings.

250 BLD
A new race appeared on Mytera but this time the Dwarves were not caught unprepared and so they sent the Deathfist clan to see if these creatures would be a threat, this would be the first time that it would be true. When the clan arrived at the land the Yaunti had control over a battle quickly began, within one week an entire clan had been wiped out. Once the Dwarves found out about this they soon began a campaign to avenge their fallen brethren, but during this Kultan would deal them a cruel hand.....

0-99 LD
The Undead were swift in their attack and gave no quarter, the Dwarves were unprepared for such an assault and were pushed back into their halls but the undead would not stop there, for soon the Dwarves would have to flee from there also. The Dwarves soon found sanctuary in the Halflings homeland and repaid them by building their defences as the Dwarves had lost many of their clans from the campaign against the Yaunti and the undead assault. Those clans that could not make it joined with the Humans and the Elves against the Undead, they were lead by Thalkar Beamblade. The war lasted seemed to last an age and no Dwarf was spared it's wrath Thalkar led many charges against the Undead and never knew defeat but the Undead never tired and easily repelled all of their attacks, until Thalkar had to make the decision of making one last desperate attack upon the undead as his troops began to feel the fatigue of losing countless battles. This would turn out to be a mistake as the undead had prepared themselves for this and ambushed the army, the battle seemed hopeless and Thalkar fell to his knees and shouted a prayer to Sargana for victory. Perhaps she had heard this as once the prayer left his lips the sun rose in all its majesty and it created a shriek of pain from the undead, the Dwarves felt revitalised and charged the undead with the few soldiers that were left. Thalkar went into a battle frenzy as his heart beat quicker to the victory at hand and he chased the general of this army that had been sent to kill the Dwarves but it was a foolish move as this general and a part of the undead army retreated into the mines. None of the Dwarves know what the fate of Thalkar was, some saw that in the darkness Sargana had got her payment for the victory she handed Thalkar.

0-2 ALD
This was a trying time for the Dwarves, for they had much work to do with rebuilding their homes and making order with all the clans once more, the Stonesmelter clan formed the other clans into an efficient workforce. For 2 years the Dwarven clans worked together to rebuild their homes and their mines, which were rumoured to have some of the Undead army haunting them although there were no sightings of them.

3-500 ALD
During these times those few clans that still had a battle lust because of the war needed to fight again and saw a perfect opportunity. They soon began accusing the Half-elves that lived there of stealing their homes and that it was theirs by right, the Half-elves simply replied that the Dwarves abandoned it and so they lost rights to it years ago. The arguments soon got heated and war was almost declared until the Stonesmelter clan (who had become the leading clan due to their work) put a stop to it. Those Dwarves that were eager for a fight were very bitter and ended up leaving the Dwarven Kingdom, saying they would get their ancient fort back.

501-2000 ALD
There was very little activity during this time for the Dwarves, they rebuilt the roads (with help from the Gnomes again) so trade could begin anew and returned to their mining, also the leading clan would change as it always has.

Status: In Progress

>Developer(s): Ragnar