Realm; Elven Realm

Population; Elves, some Half-Elves


The elves of Terranor came to Mytera 2000 BLD(Before Long Dark) and were the
first humanoid race to come to this New World, which the Elves named, and still
refer to it by,Winya Palurin(New World). The elves spent the years before any
contact with other races by ridding their lands of less desirable races such as
gibberlings, spiders, carrion crawlers, and other such species. One race that
they did leave alone was the wolf. The elves of Terranor had a tendency to
bring the wolves into their homes and make them their own. The elves respected
the wolves for their unity when in battles. They also considered them to be of
a noble nature. This is why the highest ranking officers in the elven army are
named the Moon Wolves, or Lyalis Mitore in elf. The elven warriors of Terranor were of a
rare nature. They would stand their ground in the face of any demon and laugh.
They did not always win these battles with demons, but they never back down
from a fight.

In 1500 BLD the next species came to Mytera. This species was the dwarf. At
first the two races were very comfortable with each other and spent a lot of
time with each other. The elves and dwarves would hunt with each other.
Soon though, the dwarves and elves became started becoming less and less
friendly with each other since they saw each other a lot less. This was the
time that the dwarves decided to go underground. The elves were upsetted by
this, but were of a more understanding nature back then and wished the dwarves
good health. The dwarves still ventured to the city every now and then for
supplies, but not nearly as much as they do now.

In 1258 BLD another race came to this still new world. The elves considered
these humans to be foolish. The humans at first violently refused any help from
the elves, but a few weeks later they pleaded for forgiveness and help. The
elves laughed at the humans, but were still of a kind nature, and helped them.
The elves later saw that the humans were not as foolish as they had first
judged. Once the elves helped the humans rid their area of creatures and demons
the humans soon started to prosper greatly. The elves then took their leave of
the humans and went back to their own buisness of battling demons and creatures.
The elves and humans remained on somewhat short terms for a few hundred years,
until the halflings came along. The humans did not know that the dwarves even
existed for a few years, until a dwarf came to them asking for supplies.

800 BLD. This was the time that the halflings and gnomes came to Mytera.
Finally the elves and humans spoke to each other again. They would spend hours
laughing at these two new races, yet always in good heart. The elves became
much more comfortable with these races, more then they had been with the
dwarves. The halflings were of such a happy race, always seeing the brighter
side of things. Unfortunately, the gnomes did not seem to have this
characteristic, and disliked the elves. The elves and the humans helped these
two races clear out their country. The elves and halflings spent much time with
each other.

250 BLD The elves finally met a race that they could NOT get along with. The
yuanti. The yuanti were despicable monsters that were entirely greedy and
attempted to kill the elves or most other races on site. The only race they
seemed to get along with was their own. The Yuanti vanished only weeks after
they came. And that is all of the history that the Elves will speak of
concerning them.

0-99 LD The time of the Long Dark had started. Undead were sprouting all over the
place. The elves were lucky, considering very few of them die. The elves were
greatly angered by the fact that their dead would rise against them. This was a
turning point for the elves, and lost much of their sense of lawfullness. They
became much more chaotic then they had ever been before. They had little
respect for anyone, the only thing on their minds were death. They spent almost
all of their time hunting down the undead. The humans and the elves bonded with
each other, and started hunting down all of the undead they could find. This
was not difficult because the undead found them most of the time. The elves,
humans, and dwarves joined together to battle this great menace. The gnomes and
halflings were also protected by a group of elves. Throughout the the years
humans, dwarves, and elves died side by side in battle. No one was dying of old
age in this time. When the humans were down to one last city many of the elves(liking
the humans at this time, having battled together) joined the humans in a battle
against the undead. Most others were off defending their home city. An elven
general, rank Lyalis Mitore, was leading the home battle. The undead had all
types of ways they were attacking the city. They were attempting to dig into
the city, some were trying to burn their way into the city, while a few were
even flying into the city on the backs of wyverns and small dragons. The
general, Ärturis Gysse'Mitore, was standing atop the palace when a wyvern flew
too close to him. Ärturis ran and jumped on top of the wyvern, slaying the
undead archers who were riding on it. The wyvern was not interested in
following Ärturis's commands, and attempted to fling him off of it's back. Ärturis
had no fear of death though, and stabbed the wyvern over and over until it was
dying. The wyvern started plummeting to the earth, but slowed down just in time
at the end. The wyvern crashed into the ground in the middle of the undead
army. Ärturis grabbed up his sword from where it had landed and lopped off the
wyvern's head before it could do the same to him. Immediately he started to
battle with the surrounding undead. Somehow he managed to make it back to the
cities walls and gained entrance by climbing up the wall in a way that only a
skilled elf can do. The elves then continued fighting with a boosted morale,
most of them having seen him crash into the ground and then come back. Arrows
were flying continuously at the undead, slaying hundreds of them at a time.
Still, the undead would not relent. Right when the undead were about to breach
the well made gates(which were made by the dwarves), something happened.
Something so great, that even the elves still speak of the time they saw it.
The sun had started to rise. As soon as the rays hit the enemy army, screams
that would haunt lesser people for all their lives went up. Ärturis ordered an
all out attack on the undead. The elves dropped their bows and jumped to the
ground. The fields were strewn with the bodies of undead. The elves had won
this battle. Later on that day the elves decided to crown Ärturis as the
rightful ruler of that city, and his descendents have been in control of the
city ever since.

1-2 ALD During this time the elves minded their own buisness and ignored the problems with the human kingdom, but accepted the human refugees.

3-2000 ALD Throughout all these years the elves had very few notable events.
There were a few epic battles with demons and the sort. Also, most of the
humans had left the city. The humans tried going back to their
own city, but they were denied because the humans were suspicious of the elves,
whom could not care less about what the humans were doing.

Status; In Progress

Developer(s); Awake