The following images are screenshots/graphics from the World Transition Project. Browse through them and admire our hard work! More screenshots and graphics will be added as time passes, but we'll be keeping some things secret :).


Inventory Items

The World Transition Project features detailed COLOUR inventory graphics, no more of bioware's cheap sketches! The images below are just a few of the hundreds of new inventory graphics that will be in the WTP.



Game Screenshots

Our goal is to create a living world where the player isn't the center of the universe or some all powerful godling. Major events in this world will be occur without the players involvement and people will go about their daily business as if the player wasn't there. The screenshots below are from an area  currently being worked on (Kio the capital of the Human Kingdom). Merchants trade, men work, kids play, wars are fought and adventurers rome near and far in the world of Mytera!