Human Female Druid

Family Name: Orico
Mother: Seri
Father: Danro

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 15

Alignment: True Neutral

Born in the largely untouched forests surrounding Nilarc Lila’s childhood was what any parent would wish for. She was free to run, play and explore through the pristine and vast forest. Lila’s parents were a pair of druids who looked after the Ilican Lakes area, they were entrusted with its protection as a reward from the High Druid Tern Palo. The Ilican Lakes are something of a meeting place for druids across what is known as the Yulian Forest (the forests surrounding Nilarc). As such Lila was never really alone with all the Druids passing through, but the travelling Druids would never stay around for long. So Lila would make friends with the other children only for them to leave a short time later. This lead to her becoming distant from those around her. In her teenage years Lila began travelling herself to “see the beauty of all nature and not just what was in front of me” as she put it to her parents. In truth Lila wanted to find out what being a druid really meant, and she had grown tired of the not being able to have any friends. Her parents agreed to let her go, as Lila had become a fine druid – they knew she could look after her self. After travelling for over a year through the Yulian forest and even meeting a few childhood friends on the way Lila began to miss the clear pure lakes of home and her parents. When she arrived home she discovered that the Ilican Lakes had become a pale shadow of their former magnificence. Humans from the city of Nilarc had begun cutting down sections of the forest, polluting the rivers that feed into the Ilican Lakes. Her parents other druids had managed to stop the loggers but much damage had already been done. Lila was heartbroken to see her home in such a sad state, but worse was the sadness of her parents who had spent their entire lives protecting and nurturing the Lakes. Over time the lakes began to heal as nature reclaimed spoiled land, but as with everything they had changed forever. 2 years after returning home Lila began to realise if she wanted to protect her beloved home she could not do it from within the forest.

Time passes and things were peaceful but such things do not last, trolls were on the rise throughout the Yulian forest. One day while fighting against a group of trolls a female Ranger came to Lila’s aid – her name was Kate. Lila and Kate became good friends as they were similar in character and both had a deep love of the forest. The two travelled all over the forest, sharing their knowledge of the areas they passed through, helping other druids and admiring the sites of nature. They even meet the High Druid Walak Jarra who was impressed by the two girl’s spirit and actions. The troll menace over their two years of travelling continued to grow. On a journey to the far south of the Ilican Lakes Lila and Kate meet an adventurer by the name of Marko. Marko had been hired by wealthy hunters to find out why many of their favourite game had disappeared. Teaming up together the trio began a year long journey hunting down the trolls and destroying their mounds. As they did it became clear someone was controlling the trolls; their numbers were too great and they were organized – an oddity. Over this time the group became friends, however Marko and Lila became much more than that – they become lovers. There was something about Marko that was different, Lila had never meet a man like him before. Seemingly at the end of their journey with the last troll mound destroyed, the trio received word from the druidic council stating that they had been chosen to track down the shadowy figure behind the trolls. With Marko as the group leader (Lila has never left the forest before and Kate hasn’t left in 4 years) they set out into the human lands, the most likely source of the shadowy figure. There first destination was the Human Capital of Kio.

Location: The party can be found in The Sun's Gateway district of the city of Kio.


Lila's Starting Items
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Druidic Staff

(second image is an upgraded version)

This staff may appear to be a regular staff but it is in fact a living plant. Lila says this particular staff is a Micam Tree which grew in her home forest. She goes on to say that it is a special tree which when properly looked after can survive despite being removed from the ground. Druids have been using staves such as this one longer than anyone can remember. Each Druid carefully selects their staff and will use it for their entire lives. It is something of a right of passage for Druids. Other Druids can tell which region a fellow Druid came from by looking at their species of staff. Some Druids boast they can even tell the character of a fellow Druid by looking at their staff. Different species of tree have different abilities when used as a Staff.


AC: +1 bonus

Special Abilities:
Healing Berries

Planting the staff into the ground will cause several berries to grow. These berries can heal anyone who eats them. It can only be done once per day, else you risk killing the staff from stress.

THAC0: +2 Bonus
Damage: 1D6 +2
Damage type: crushing
Weight: 2
Speed Factor: 1
Type: 2-handed
Requires: 5 Strength
Usable By

Druidic Leather

This basic armour of wax or water-hardened leather is surprisingly well made. It is not well known but the Druids are actually superb leather craftsmen. This is because leather is the only form of armour they produce. Many Druids dislike killing animals to make their armour and so often look for dead animals to gather the necessary hides. This is the case with Lila’s leather armour. Others see it as a natural action – they have a need and so kill to for fill that need as animals do. Lila has used this armour for many years and it protected her well against the trolls she recently fought against. The fine Druidic craftsmanship provides better than average protection to the wearer.


Armor Class: 7
Weight: 15
Requires: 4 Strength
Not Usable By:

Herb Satchel

This leather bag is what Lila uses to hold the many useful Herbs and Potions she needs while travelling through the forest. She says it was a gift from her parents on her 12th birthday so it is very special to her.

Boots of the Earth

These boots are gift from the High Druid Walak Jarra to Lila for her protection of the Yulian forest from trolls. These boots are prided among the Druids for their ability to draw strength from the earth itself and use it to cast Stone Skin. This amazing ability is limited to one use per day because the earth is not limitless in energy. Using these boots too often would cause damage to the surrounding lands, an unthinkable act for Druids.


Cast Stone Skin Once Per Day

Weight: 2