A Romancable Human Female Ranger

Family Name: Rarna
Father: Holban
Mother: Relarni
Younger Sister: Anna(6 years younger)
Step Mother: Palarni
Step Brother: Feram(2 years older)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 10

Racial Enemy: Trolls

Kate was born in the small town of Nilarc (North of Kio) some 20 years ago. As a child she spent all her free time wondering through the forests that surround Nilarc, discovering its beauty. One day while sitting by a stream a local ranger named Amil spotted her, believing she was lost he walked over to talk to her. Amil was surprised to hear that Kate was not lost and the extent to which she knew the forest. Upon hearing that Amil was a ranger Kate pleaded to him teach her more about the forest. Amil agreed and for the next several years Kate spent more and more time away from her home exploring the forests and learning to be a ranger.

When Kate was 16 years old a noble man named Strolan was traveling through Nilarc. Upon seeing Kate he was struck by her beauty and he knew he had found his wife. A marriage was quickly arranged between Stolan's wealthy family and Kate's middle class family. When Holban (Kate's father) told Kate she was betrothed to marry Stolan, who's family lived in Kio, Kate was distraught. Unable to bear leaving her beloved forest - her freedom - she left without a word and headed to the forest.

A year later while exploring the forest Kate came across a group of druids fighting against some trolls who had infested the area. Seeing them in need of assistance Kate leapt to their defence and the area was soon free of trolls. The druids thankful for her assistance gifted her with a glowing necklace to symbolize her courage and love of nature. Happy to have met people who also loved the forest as much as she did Kate stayed with the druids. As time went by she became best friends with a female druid called Lila.

Two years later when troll mounds suddenly started appearing all over the forest, Kate and Lila met a male fighter named Marko. Marko was an adventurer who had taken on a job from a group of wealthy hunters to find out why so many trolls had suddenly appeared - the hunters had noticed a drop in game numbers. Teaming up together the trio began a year long journey hunting down the trolls. As they did it became clear someone was controlling the trolls; their numbers were too great and they were organized - an oddity. Over this time the group became friends, however Marko and Lila became much more than that � they become lovers. Seemingly at the end of their journey with the last troll mound destroyed, the trio received word from the druid council stating that they had been chosen to track down the shadowy figure behind the trolls. With Marko as the group leader (Lila has never left the forest before and Kate hasn't left in 4 years) they set out into the human lands, the most likely source of the shadowy figure. Their first destination was the Human Capital of Kio.

Location: The party can be found in The Sun's Gateway district of the city of Kio.

Initial Items:

Short Bow:
This short bow was made by Kate herself. She carved it out of an old Oleron Tree that had fallen over during a storm. It's surprisingly well made, perhaps even slightly better in construction than most crafted short bows which are hurriedly made to be sold as soon as possible. However the bow's string is another matter it looks like it was crafted by twisting vines around each other. Replacing the bow's string would improve this short bow by a fair margin.

Gains +1 when upgraded with a better bow string

Long Sword:
Kate's personal Long Sword has seen a lot of action in recent months. It has slayed many trolls as Kate, Lila and Marko hunted down and killed the trolls that had infested the Yulian Forest. This Long Sword was given to Kate by friend. She won't say who the friend was - "It's none of your business" she replies when you ask her.

Standard Stats

Studded Leather Armour:
Kate says she has used this armour for years, adding it's exactly the kind of armour she needs for traveling through dense forest - it's light and offers decent protection.

Studded leather armour provides more protection than regular leather armour. Instead of a hardened shell, studded leather offers hundreds of metal rivets affixed to a supple backing. The numerous studs form a flexible coat of metal that helps to turn aside slashing and cutting attacks.

Standard Stats

Cutting Knife:
This is the knife Kate used in carving her Short Bow. She has also used it to cut plants for medicines and skinning deer over the years. As a result of Kate spending the last year traveling the vastness of Yulian Forest hunting trolls she hasn't had time to keep the knife sharp.