Baldurs Gate Area List


AR0002 Temple of Helm in Baldur's Gate.
AR0006 Rinnie, the young bard is here.
AR0010 Drelik the bard is here, the butler of Jardak.  He will attack you.
AR0011 The fighter Jardak is here, who will attack you.
AR0100 North-West district of Baldur's Gate. Entar Silvershield Estate or Helm and Cloak Inn are here for example.
AR0108 Inside of the Duchal Palace (Ground floor)
AR0112 The Undercellars. Slythe and Krystin in Chapter 7.
AR0114 Blushing Mermaid Inn. Larze the ogre headhunter will attack you.
AR0115 Second level of Blushing Mermaid inn.
AR0116 Helm and Cloak Inn. Here is Gorpel Hind and his fellows.
AR0123 The ruins of old city, location of Temple of Bhaal.
AR0125 The Temple of Bhaal (The screne of Final battle).
AR0126 Ragefast's home.
AR0127 Mechant League's first level (ground floor).
AR0128 Mechant League's second level (first floor).
AR0129 Mechant League's third level (second floor).
AR0132 Lady's Hall. Agnasia is here for example.
AR0133 First level(top) of Low Lantern.
AR0134 Second level of Low Lantern.
AR0135 Third level of Low Lantern.
AR0136 Fourth (deepest) level of Low Lantern.
AR0137 First level(ground floor) of Ramazith's Tower.
AR0138 Sixth (top) level of Ramazith's Tower.
AR0139 Second level(first floor) of Ramazith's Tower. 2 Mustard Jellies.
AR0140 Third level(second floor) of Ramazith's Tower. 5 Ghasts.
AR0141 Fourth level(third floor) of Ramazith's Tower. 6 Hobgoblin Elites.
AR0142 Fifth level(fourth floor) of Ramazith's Tower. 6 Kobold Commandos.
AR0143 First level (ground floor) of Oberan's Estate.
AR0144 Second level (first floor) of Oberan's Estate. Oberan is here.
AR0145 Top floor of Oberan's Estate. Shandalar's daughters are here.
AR0146 The labyrinth under the Thief's Guild. This leads to the old city's ruins.
AR0148 House leading to the Thief Guild HQ.
AR0150 House leading to the Thief Guild HQ.
AR0151 House leading to the Thief Guild HQ.
AR0152 House leading to the Thief Guild HQ.
AR0153 Thief Guild's HQ.
AR0161 Degrodel's house full of his creatures.
AR0200 Northern discrict of Baldur's Gate. Ramazith's Tower and Duchal Palace are here for example.
AR0224 Sewers under Baldur's Gate. Schlumpsha the Sewer King and his minions are here.
AR0225 Sewers under Baldur's Gate. Sewer cleaners, rats.
AR0226 Sewers under Baldur's Gate. Phase Spiders, Carrion Crawlers and the corpse-collector Ogre mage is here.
AR0300 North-Eastern discrict of Baldur's Gate. Brielbara is here, and the Blushing Mermaid Inn.
AR0400 The field beset by 20 zombies.
AR0500 Large, barren land. The location of Durlag's Tower.
AR0501 First (lower) level of Durlag's Tower. Secret door to other lower levels.
AR0502 Ground floor of Durlag's Tower.
AR0503 First (upper) level of Durlag's Tower.
AR0504 Second (upper) level of Durlag's Tower. Ghost is here.
AR0505 Top level of Durlag's Tower. Kirinhale is here.
AR0506 "The Chessboard" in Durlag's Tower.
AR0507 Elemental Area of Cold in Durlag's Tower.
AR0508 Elemental Area of Fire in Durlag's Tower.
AR0509 Elemental Area of Air in Durlag's Tower.
AR0510 Elemental Area of Slime in Durlag's Tower.
AR0511 Second (lower) level of Durlag's Tower.
AR0512 Third (lower) level of Durlag's Tower.
AR0513 Fourth (lower) level of Durlag's Tower.
AR0514 Fifth (deepest) level of Durlag's Tower.
AR0515 "The Compass Area" with the four Stone Golems, who will ask their questions to the characters.
AR0516 Lair of Death Knight. The scene of final battle of Durlag's Tower.
AR0600 Western disctrict of Baldur's Gate. The Hall of Wonders is here for example.
AR0601 Ground floor of the building of Seven Suns.
AR0602 Top floor of the building of Seven Suns.
AR0606 Cellar of Flaming Fist HQ building.
AR0607 Flaming Fist HQ building (inside).
AR0608 Flaming Fist HQ, Duke Eltan's suite.
AR0609 Temple of Umberlee. .
AR0611 Cellars in Iron Throne Building. It connects to the sewers.
AR0612 Second level (first floor) of Iron Throne building.
AR0613 Third level (second floor) of Iron Throne building.
AR0614 Fourth level (third floor) of Iron Throne building.
AR0615 Fifth level (fourth floor) of Iron Throne building.
AR0616 First level (ground floor) of Iron Throne building.
AR0621 Roof of Iron Throne building.
AR0700 Centre disctrict of Baldur's Gate. The marketplace and Oberan's Estate is located here for example.
AR0702 Harbormaster's building.
AR0703 Halbazzer Drin's Sorcerous Sundries.
AR0704 Top level (first floor) of Sorcerous Sundries.
AR0705 Ground floor of Elfsong Inn.
AR0706 First floor of Elfsong Inn.
AR0719 Felonius's Gist Manor. Felonius and the five statues are there.
AR0720 Drakon Tavern.
AR0721 Storehouse full with Rabid Chickens.
AR0724 Tent in Marketplace. Hazard games.
AR0725 Tent in Marketplace. Hazard games.
AR0726 Diviner's Tent in Marketplace.
AR0800 Eastern district of Baldur's Gate. Sorcerous Sundries and the Elfsong tavern are here for example.
AR0805 Arkion the Necromancer's house, ground floor.
AR0806 Arkion the Necromancer's house, first floor.
AR0807 Inn (ground floor) in Eastern district of Baldur's Gate.
AR0808 Inn (first floor) in Eastern district of Baldur's Gate.
AR0809 Silence's shop. (Silence is a person, probably a thief).
AR0810 Lucky Aello's shop.
AR0813 Nemphre the Necromancer's house, first floor.
AR0814 Nemphre the Necromancer's house, first floor.
AR0900 Bridge of Baldur's Gate. Tenya the Umberlee priestess has a house in this area where she lives.
AR1000 Village of Ulgoth's Beard. Shandalar, the father of Delorna, Ithmera and Helshara is here.
AR1001 Ulgoth Beard's Inn. Hurgan Stoneblade is here.
AR1002 The scene of the Cult rituals.
AR1003 Building of the Cult.
AR1004 Mendas's home.
AR1005 Therella's house.
AR1008 Polar Island. Shandalar teleports you here.
AR1009 The dungeon in Polar Island.
AR1100 South-Western district of Baldur's Gate. Flaming Fist Compound, Merchant League and Seven Suns are here.
AR1109 Inn (ground floor) in SW disctrict of BG.
AR1110 Inn (first floor) in SW disctrict of BG.
AR1111 Sunin's house. This mage has the Ring of Wizardry.
AR1113 The "Slime Inn", ground floor. This inn is beset by Green Slimes.
AR1114 The "Slime Inn", first floor.
AR1116 General Store.
AR1117 General Store
AR1200 Southern disctrict of BG. Iron Throne compound, Harbormaster's building, Low Lantern, Temple of Umberlee is here.
AR1201 5 Ogre Mages are waiting for you here.
AR1202 Second level of Ogre Mage house.
AR1207 Storehouse with a Greater Basilisk in it.
AR1208 Storehouse. Noralee is here who wants her Gauntlets of Weapon Skill back (this item is in "Basilisk Storehouse")
AR1209 Lariaz the Sirene is here, who killed everybody in this house.
AR1210 First floor of "Nymph's house".
AR1211 Ghorak's house, ground floor.
AR1212 Ghorak's house, first floor.
AR1213 Cordyr's house, ground floor.
AR1214 Cordyr's house, first floor.
AR1215 Jopalin's Tavern. Full of drunken sailors.
AR1300 South-Eastern disctrict of Baldur's Gate. The Blade and Stars Inn is here for example.
AR1302 General Store.
AR1306 Inn (ground floor).
AR1307 Inn (first floor).
AR1312 Gantolandan's house, ground floor.
AR1313 Gantolandan's house, first floor.
AR1316 House (ground floor). Two thieves, Taxek and Michael might be here.
AR1317 House (first floor).
AR1320 General Store.
AR1400 Field and a lot of Ankhegs. Farmer Brun, and fishermen. Gerde the ranger.
AR1401 Ankhegs' cave.
AR1500 Werewolf Island. Balduran's ship and Dradeel's house is here.
AR1501 Ground floor of Balduran's Ship.
AR1502 First floor of Balduran's Ship.
AR1503 Second floor of Balduran's Ship.
AR1504 Top floor of Balduran's Ship. Karoug is here.
AR1505 Dradeel's house.
AR1600 Cloakwood area (3.). Druid's groove and cave with Iron Throne guy and baby wyverns is here.
AR1603 Cave with Baby Wyverns and Iron Throne tamer guy.
AR1700 Cloakwood area (4.). Wyverns, wyvern cave and a Hamadryad is here.
AR1800 Cloakwood Mines.
AR1801 First (top) level of Cloakwood mines.
AR1802 Third level of Cloakwood mines.
AR1803 Cloakwood Mines, Davaeorn's Apartments.
AR1804 Second level of Cloakwood mines.
AR1900 Bandit Camp.
AR1901 Tazok's Tent.
AR1903 Cave of Gnoll prisoners.
AR2000 Werewolf Island. The village.
AR2012 Cave which leads to the ship in AR1500.
AR2100 Cloakwood area (2.). A lot of Spiders and Centeol's Cave are here for example.
AR2101 Centeol's Cave.
AR2200 Cloakwood area (1.). Wolves and Aldeth Sashenstar are here for example.
AR2300 Friendly Arm Inn.
AR2301 First level of Friendly Arm Inn.
AR2302 Second level of Friendly Arm Inn.
AR2303 Top level of Friendly Arm Inn.
AR2400 Peldvale.
AR2600 Candlekeep.
AR2608 First level (ground floor) of Candlekeep's Citadel.
AR2609 Second level of Candlekeep's Citadel.
AR2610 Third level of Candlekeep's Citadel. Iron Throne leaders are here.
AR2611 Fourth level of Candlekeep's Citadel.
AR2612 Fifth level of Candlekeep's Citadel.
AR2614 Top level of Candlekeep's Citadel. Ulraunt, Gatewarden and Tethtoril are here.
AR2615 Dungeon under Candlekeep, first level.
AR2616 Candlekeep Inn. Winthrop  :o)
AR2619 Dungeon under Candlekeep, second level.
AR2700 Scene of Sarevok's ambush and Gorion's death.
AR2800 Area south of Friendly Arm (between Friendly Arm and Beregost)
AR2900 Larswood
AR3000 Area east of Larswood. Lots of spiders and the Red Wizards of Thay are here.
AR3100 Area south of Candlekeep. Shoal the Nereid, The Surgeon and ogres are here.
AR3200 High Hedge. Gnolls, Permidion Stark the hunter, Kivan, Skeletons at night.
AR3202 Inside the High Hedge. Thalanthyr and his two golems are here.
AR3300 Beregost.
AR3301 Taerom Fuiruim's Thunder Hammer Smithy.
AR3304 Jovial Juggler inn in Beregost. Bjornin the paladin is here for example.
AR3307 Burning Wizard inn in Beregost. Zhurlong the thief is here.
AR3313 Mirianne's home.
AR3315 Landrin's house (4 Huge Spiders).
AR3333 Firebead Elvenhair is in this house.
AR3351 Feldepost's Inn in Beregost, ground floor.
AR3352 Feldepost's Inn in Beregost, first floor. Algernon is here. After the Nashkel Mines are cleaned, Tranzig appears here.
AR3357 Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost. Karlat the dwarf is here.
AR3400 Temple of Beregost.
AR3402 Inside the Temple of Beregost. Keldath Ormlyr and 4 Nymphs are here.
AR3500 Area east of Beregost Temple and north of Gullykin.  There are a lot of Basilisks here.
AR3600 Second area south of Candlekeep. Sirenes live here.
AR3601 Cave in Sirenes' area. Flesh golems, and treasure.
AR3700 Area north of High Hedge. Bassilus, Melicamp (in chicken form) and three hobgoblin bandits are here.
AR3800 Area south of Beregost. Dead halfling messenger, ogrillons.
AR3900 Ulcaster School's ruins. Spirit of Ulcaster, Icharyd the undead warrior, many kobolds.
AR3901 Dungeon under Ulcaster School's ruins.
AR4000 Gullykin. Area north of Firewine Bridge.
AR4100 Second area north of Gnoll Stronghold. South of Sirenes'  territory(AR3600). Brage is here and Charleston Nib's mines.
AR4200 Area north-west of Nashkel. Drizzt and gnolls are here for example.
AR4300 Area north of Nashkel. Many hobgoblins.
AR4400 Area north of Carnival, south to Ulcaster School's ruins. Half-ogres.
AR4500 Firewine Bridge. Kahrk the Ogre Mage, and Meilum the fighter are here for example.
AR4501 The Wyvern Cave in Cloakwood (4.)
AR4600 Area north of Gnoll Stronghold. Many ogres.
AR4700 Area northeast of Gnoll Stronghold. Xvart village and Borda the drow swindler are here for example.
AR4800 Nashkel.
AR4801 Nashkel Inn.
AR4802 Temple of Helm in Nashkel.
AR4803 Nashkel Store.
AR4809 Belching Dragon Tavern in Nashkel. Volo is here for example.
AR4900 Carnival.
AR4906 Zordral's tent in Carnival.
AR5000 Area south of Firewine Bridge, north of Carnival; near Durlag's Tower. Exit of Nashkel Mines is here.
AR5100 Gnoll Stronghold.
AR5200 Area south-west of Nashkel, east of Gnoll Stronghold. Here are the two ruffians and the Dryad of Cloudpeaks.
AR5201 Dungeon under Firewine Ruins.
AR5300 Area south of Nashkel.
AR5400 Nashkel Mines (outside).
AR5401 First (top) level of Nashkel Mines.
AR5402 Second level of Nashkel Mines.
AR5403 Third level of Nashkel Mines.
AR5404 Fourth level of Nashkel Mines. Entrance to Mulahey's Lair.
AR5405 Mulahey's Lair. Xan is here too.
AR5500 Area east of Nashkel Mines.
AR5506 Last area of the labyrinth system under Candlekeep.