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Gaming Section / Mods / Herbs and Potions Add-in for Baldur's Gate II


Author: Baronius
Game: Baldur's Gate II
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Team of the original BG1 mod

Items, store, creatures, scripts and dialogs: Baronius
Animations (BAMs): Windwalker
Language editor, file format specialist and beta tester: igi
French translation: TannerHell
German translation: Tanis Eichenblatt, Würfelpech, jastey and Leonardo Watson
Polish translation: Albatros
Russian translation: Pilferer & aerie.ru
BG Trilogy compatibility: weigo

BG2 version by Baronius
Thanks to T.G.Maestro for the suggestion on the herbalist's location.
German translation by Tanis Eichenblatt, Würfelpech and jastey, http://bgforum.whcity.de/
Italian translation by Al17, http://rtt.altervista.org
Polish translation: Albatros
Russian translation: Pilferer & aerie.ru
Spanish translation: Clan REO

Note: certain parts of the mod might not be optimized for BG2 and have kept their BG1 characteristics.

Main features:
5 new herbs, 15 potions you can brew: healing, poisonous, acidic, fiery etc. Some potions should be thrown at someone than consumed!
Ask the druid to check your items and tell if she can enchant any.
A new store with a very wide variety of potions - don't expect low prices!
Find the herbalist next to a tree at the South-Western exit of Waukeen's Promenade.
For more information, see the readme file.