Mod for BG1, BGEE, BG1Tutu and BGT

Version 3

Created by: Flysoup

WeiDU code & updates by: pro5, Badgert, Erebusant

Support Forum:


            I.        General overview

1.   Main component

a)   Default version: areas connected by travel triggers

b)   BP-BGT Worldmap version: all areas added to worldmap

2.   Optional component: Raise the XP cap

3.   Optional component: Delayed Start

         II.        Installation / Uninstallation

       III.        Known issues

        IV.        Compatibility notes

          V.        FAQ

        VI.        Credits

      VII.        Version History


The Drizzt Saga is a WeiDU-based modification for Baldur's Gate 1: Tales of the Sword Coast (BG1:TotSC), Baldur's Gate 1: Tutu conversion (Tutu), Baldur's Gate Trilogy conversion (BGT), and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (BGEE). There are two separate install packages of the mod - for BG1:TotSC and for BGEE/BGT/Tutu. Both packages can be downloaded from the mod's homepage. Note that most of this readme's contents applies to the BGEE/BGT/Tutu package, BG1 version has not been updated since original v1 release. Tales of the Sword Coast expansion (in case of BG1 and Tutu) is required to install this mod. Drizzt Saga is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

This mod brings Drizzt and his companions into the game as joinable characters with their own major quest and side quests, numerous new areas, items (some to be forged) and creatures. Also two secret joinable npcs to discover for those of evil alignment a bit further into the story.

Drizzt is on his way back to Icewind Dale from an errand in the Sword Coast. What he doesn't know is that dark times are upon the Dale and his companions will lead him and the protagonist to an adventure of epic proportions.

In the normal version of the mod, you meet Drizzt at the original area fighting some gnolls. In the same area you will encounter Regis muttering something about a dark ranger. After joining Drizzt head back to Regis and the Drizzt Saga begins.

With the Delayed Start component, the story begins after finishing Durlag's Tower and gaining enough experience to be more of an equal to Drizzt and his friends (who are all high level characters). Provided you aided Drizzt in the initial gnoll encounter, he will meet you outside Durlag's Tower after finishing its main quest.

Listed below is an explanation of the mod's components:

1. The Drizzt Saga (Main component)

This is the core component and must be installed for the mod to work. You will be prompted to install one of two possible versions, which differ in how many of the new areas are added to the game's worldmap (this changes how player will be able to reach them):

a) Default version: areas connected by travel triggers

This subcomponent works the same as the original BG1 version of the mod: only 4 new areas are added to worldmap, and most areas are connected with travel regions, meaning that travelling between them happens automatically when the player clicks at the appropriate edge of the map. Choose this if you're not planning to install the BP-BGT Worldmap mod later, or if you are not sure what option to pick.

b) BP-BGT Worldmap version: all areas added to worldmap

This subcomponent makes use of the larger worldmap offered by the BP-BGT Worldmap mod by adding all 8 possible areas to game worldmap. Method of travel between some of the added areas is changed from travel regions to the usual method of manually picking the destination area on worldmap. Choose this only if you're planning to install the BP-BGT Worldmap mod later.

2. Optional component: Raise the XP cap

Installing this component will lift the default XP limit present in vanilla BGEE and Tutu games, setting it at 3750000 experience points for all classes. Drizzt and all his companions are high level characters, and without this component their actual level will not match their current experience shown on the character record screen - the game will "truncate" their experience to the highest value allowed by the current XP cap. This will not affect their in-game performance (level-dependant stats like THAC0, attacks per round, etc. all depend on the actual level of the character, not current experience), but will just look weird when opening their record sheets.

This component is only available for BGEE and Tutu, and is automatically skipped for BGT.

3. Optional component: Delayed Start - Drizzt joins after Durlag's Tower

This optional component aims to improve compatibility (see below) and balance - by delaying the mod's start until the protagonist character has enough experience to be more effective against the high-level enemies and threats introduced by Drizzt Saga. Instead of joining the party right in the middle of the initial encounter with the gnolls, Drizzt will now meet the party after completing Durlag's Tower and can be later recruited in Ulgoth's Beard inn.

This component resolves potential compatibility issues with several mods (see the compatibility notes section for more details) by leaving the original Drizzt vs gnolls encounter completely untouched.

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Important note: You will need to start a new game after installation for all changes to take effect.

The downloaded install package is a .zip archive. You can extract files from the archive using 7-Zip, WinRAR, ZipGenius or another file compression utility that handles .zip files.

If you already have a previous version of the mod installed, remove it fully before extracting the new version. To do this, run setup-drizztsaga.exe (or .command for Mac OS X), uninstall all previously installed components, and delete the DRIZZTSAGA folder. When installing or uninstalling, do not close the DOS window by clicking on the X button! Instead, press the Enter key when instructed to do so.

1. The files from the archive should be extracted into your main game data folder (it's the one containing the CHITIN.KEY file, regardless of platform). See the first question in FAQ section for possible examples of the main folder locations for different platforms.

2. After successful extraction, there should be a 'drizztsaga' folder and a 'setup-drizztsaga.exe' file in your game folder. To install the mod, simply double-click setup-drizztsaga.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

Mac OS X:
2. After successful extraction, there should be a 'drizztsaga' folder and a 'setup-drizztsaga.command' file in your game folder. Download and unpack the OS X version of WeiDU package and rename the 'weidu' binary (within the 'bin' subfolder in the archive) into 'setup-drizztsaga' (or just copy another mod's launcher). Put this renamed file into the main game folder, next to the .command file. To install the mod, double-click setup-drizztsaga.command and follow the instructions on screen.

2. After successful extraction, there should be a 'drizztsaga' folder and a 'setup-drizztsaga.exe' file in your game folder. Download the Linux version of WeiDU and copy weidu, weinstall, tisunpack, and tolower binaries to /usr/bin. Then open a terminal and cd to your game installation directory.

Optional: run 'tolower' and answer 'Y' to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either, if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lowercased file names. If unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet.

Run weinstall setup-drizztsaga in your game folder to install the mod. Then run wine bgmain.exe (for Tutu/BGT) or wine baldur.exe (for BGEE) to start playing.

3. To uninstall the mod, run the same .exe (or .command for Mac OS X) file again later.

After uninstalling, you may delete the following from your game folder:

If you encounter any problems installing the mod, please report the problem and post the contents of the WEIDU.LOG and SETUP-DRIZZTSAGA.DEBUG files on the Drizzt Saga support forum.

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Drizzt animation problems

Drizzt uses a unique animation with his scimitars "hardcoded" into the animation sequences. While this animation subjectively looks much cooler than generic elf warrior sprites, there are a few known problems with it:

- It crashes the game on BGT/Tutu if a weapon with 'scimitar' or 'flaming sword' equipped appearence is equipped into Drizzt's main hand slot

- It crashes the game on BGT/Tutu if any animated equippable items (like most weapons) are equipped into Drizzt's off-hand shield slot

- Any normal animated weapon equipped into Drizzt's mainhand weapon slot is going to be drawn overlayed over his usual scimitars. I.e. he'll appear to be carrying both weapons (scimitar and whatever you equipped on him) in one hand.

- Drizzt won't have a proper character paperdoll displayed on the inventory screen

(in original unmodded game, Drizzt is not actually wielding the scimitars he has in his inventory, but a special undroppable single-handed weapon with no animation.)

v3 of Drizzt Saga fixes the first problem - it should now be possible to equip animated scimitars, as well as the Flame Tongue sword, into Drizzt's main hand without causing a crash.

To work around the second and third problems, v3 of Drizzt Saga makes Drizzt dual-wield special versions of the original scimitars he carries - they're changed into non-animated weapons, which solves the third problem, and the off-hand scimitar is made undroppable, to take care of the second problem. The main hand scimitar can be unequipped, so you are free to give a different main hand weapon to Drizzt if you so desire, just keep in mind he'll still be drawn wielding a scimitar in that hand along with whatever you give him.

Note: Since BGEE is less crash-prone than the original BG2 engine, it is possible there to equip items in Drizzt's offhand slot without crashing the game. Therefore, the offhand item is not undroppable in BGEE installation of the mod.

Some other recommendations:

- Fot plot consistency, it is probably best to postpone playing this mod until certain facts about the protagonist's past are revealed in Chapter 6 in Candlekeep.

- It is advised that you remove any current NPC companions from your party before recruiting Drizzt, since very soon you'll have to kick them out anyway to make room for Drizzt's friends. You can't refuse to let them join without Drizzt leaving.

- A few travel transition locations in new areas may be hard to spot. Make sure to scan edges of the map for any hidden caves and entrances you might not have realized were there. ;)

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Install order notes:

¬  As is normally the case with quest mods, Drizzt Saga should be installed early on in the installation process (before various tweak packs and mods that explicitly state in readme that they should be installed after other mods).

¬  Remember that BP-BGT Worldmap mod must be installed after all mods that use it, including Drizzt Saga's "all areas added to worldmap" version of core component.


Notes on compatibility with individual mods:

BG1NPC Project (as of v20)

¬  Should be compatible with Drizzt Saga v3, provided the Delayed Start component is installed

¬  Without Delayed Start, Dynaheir's journal quest from BG1NPC will fail to start since it depends on original Drizzt's dialog states which are skipped if he joins.

The One Drizzt (as of v1.41)

¬  Not compatible with v3, will fail to install. A few notes on this mod in case it soon gets updated to work:

·         it allows unequipping Drizzt's offhand item which could cause crashes in BGT/Tutu if anything else is equipped into Drizzt's shield slot

·         it changes Drizzt into a level 1 character, while not making any adjustments to levels of his companions or levels and abilities of the enemies introduced in Drizzt Saga mod. This shifts Drizzt from strongest to weakest among his friends, and makes beating Drizzt Saga considerably harder than intended

Drizzt Is Not Stupid (as of BGT v1.1, Tutu v2.0)

¬  Should be compatible with Drizzt Saga v3, provided the Delayed Start component is installed

¬  Without Delayed Start, it's pointless to install Drizzt Is Not Stupid (regardless of install order) since all its changes will not have any effect on the game (because DRIZZT.CRE and DRIZZT.BCS will not be used in the game)

Drizzt Do'Urden Randomization (aka DrizztRandomEncounter), non-weidu version

¬  Should be compatible with Drizzt Saga v3, provided the Delayed Start component is installed

¬  Without Delayed Start, this mod will prevent Drizzt Saga from ever starting (regardless of install order) since it overwrites the area where Drizzt is originally found

Worgas NPC (as of v1.1)

¬  Drizzt component of the Worgas NPC should be compatible with BGT version of Drizzt Saga v3, with or without Delayed Start.

Worldmap altering mods in BGT setup:

¬  If Drizzt Saga detects a BGT installation, the default version of core component patches the current worldmap using WeiDU, to add the new areas and link them to existing BGT areas. This process will fail if the current worldmap no longer features BGT areas for some reason, such as if some BG2 mod rather rudely overwrote WORLDMAP.WMP previously. With v3, such install failure should no longer occur in BP-BGT Worldmap version of the core component, as it now skips .WMP patching entirely, relying on the future installation of the Worldmap mod (for BWP installs this means that the extra step of restoring BGT worldmap in some mod configurations by copying a .wmp file into override before installing Drizzt Saga should no longer be necessary).


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Q: I'm trying to install this mod on BGEE, and I can't find the main game folder. Where should I unpack the files?
A: The destination folder differs between platforms and between Beamdog and Steam versions of the game. For Windows Beamdog version it usually is:
*BGEE install folder*\Data\00766\. For Windows Steam version, on the other hand, it is going to be this one: *Steam library folder*\SteamApps\common\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\. For Mac OS X Beamdog version, path for default installation would be something like this: Applications/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition/Game Data/00766/BaldursGateEnhancedEdition/Contents/Resources. To get past 'BaldursGateEnhancedEdition' you may have to alt-click and choose 'show package contents'.

If this doesn't help you, try looking for the CHITIN.KEY file, and unpack the archive into the same folder.

Q: None of the new areas appear on worldmap, I can't progress through the mod because of this.
A: This could happen if you did not start a new game after installing the mod. You have to start a new game for the worldmap changes to take effect.

Q: Drizzt's companions are nowhere to be found. Without them, it's too difficult to beat the encounters.
A: This could happen if you did not start a new game after installing the mod. You have to start a new game for new joinable characters to appear, because they are patched into BALDUR.GAM.

Q: I have a problem / I think I've found a bug. Where should I report them to?
A: Post bug and problem reports on the official support forums or, failing that, on the BWP mega-mod help forums. Make sure to include the contents of your WEIDU.LOG and SETUP-DRIZZTSAGA.DEBUG files.

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All modded content was created by Flysoup.

Weidu coding for BGT/Tutu/BGEE install package: pro5, Badgert, Erebusant

Thanks goes to BioWare for supplying us with such an enjoyable game. As well as to the Infinity Engine community as a whole for their ongoing dedication and support of the Baldur's Gate series. Thanks to Baronius and the Black Wyrm Lair modding community for support and hosting of the mod.

Thanks to:

- developers of IE modding tools and utilities such as WeiDU, Near Infinity and DLTCEP

- all IESDP contributors and maintainers

- The Gibberlings Three modding community for their snippets of code and cross-platform variable libs

- The Spellhold Studios modding community for support and fixes of this mod's earlier versions

Translation credits:

*Someone contributed italian translations of new lines in v2, but I can't find any record of who it was. If you are that person and would like to be properly added to this list, please notify either me (pro5) or Baronius at BWL forums via PM.

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v3.0 (Feb 2014) - BGEE update

v2.0 (May 25, 2009) - SHS version

v1.0 (May 1, 2007) - first WeiDU release of the mod

May 17, 2006 - release of the original non-WeiDU version of Drizzt Saga

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